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Health and Accident Insurance

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Health and accident insurance
Quiz for chapter 6

To avoid having to pay high medical bills that result from illness or injury (the bill for a few days of hospital care can be in the thousands of dollars), it is necessary to buy health insurance. Insurance protects against the need to meet an entire medical expense oneself. Insurance spreads the cost of medical treatment among a group of people, not all of whom have problems that result in medical bills.

Federal regulations require students in J-1 status and their J-2 dependents to have health insurance that meets specified standards. If you receive a Form DS-2019 to obtain a J-1 visa, you should also receive information about the insurance requirement.

In addition, colleges and universities require their F-1 students and in some cases their F-2 dependents to have health insurance. Your school will send you information about any health-insurance requirements.

The topic of health insurance is very complex. Even so, we encourage students to make an effort to understand it. This chapter discusses health insurance under these headings:

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