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Why is English So Important?

improving english

Improving English
Why is English so important
Expect on-site English tests
Obstacles to improved English
Ways to improve English
Quiz for chapter 2

Do you want to:

  • earn good grades while you are in the United States?
  • be able to speak comfortably with your teachers, fellow students, and neighbors?
  • have a good relationship with your academic adviser?
  • obtain a graduate teaching assistantship or other form of financial aid?
  • be able to carry out normal administrative procedures without stress?
  • be able shop, talk on a telephone, and use the public transportation system without difficulty?
  • get an internship in your field of study
  • make presentations at professional meetings?
  • make a positive impression on prospective employers?
  • make friends with people who are not Chinese?

All of these worthy goals require using English. Everything will be easier for you, and you will be able to accomplish more of what you want to accomplish, if you speak English well. Much of your success in the U.S. will depend on your ability to communicate with people in English. There will be times when you need to know how to use a machine, obtain information on getting a job, or convince another person of your ideas. To accomplish these goals you will need English. Students constantly share ideas and information in informal conversations. If you miss out on these conversations, your chances for professional and personal success will be limited compared to your peers.

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